ATTENTION! New date of the competition!

1-2 December 2023

About the competition

Simuthon is a competition dedicated to modeling and simulation – it is addressed to students and enthusiasts of the latest technologies in the indicated areas. The competition is embedded in the Automotive industry, in the field of autonomous driving, where modeling and simulation play a key role in the process of designing modern solutions, allowing for significant savings, avoiding many errors in the later stages of design and optimal cooperation between teams responsible for individual components.

As a Simuthon participant, you will join the AptivTaxi team. In groups of 2-4 people you will be tasked with importing the state-of-the-art solution. With that come few challenges that need to be tackled by your team before you deploy the autonomous vehicle onto the roads. AptivTaxi needs to be recallibrated for the completely different environment that it will encounter in the capitol of Małopolska region. In this 12-hour competition you will complete tasks such as: designing control systems for vehicle components, performing object detection on real data gathered in test rides and optimize path planning in urban space like Cracow. You’ll have the whole MathWorks toolchain at your disposal, along with it’s documentation as well as mentors from ONT and Aptiv to help you throughout the competition.


Before the competition:
18.09.2023 – Registration starts
17.11.2023 – Information meeting for participants
29.11.2023 – Registration ends
01.10-29.11.2023 – Participation confirmations sent to the teams
29.11.2023 – Discord server is made available to the teams

Day of the competition 01/02.12.2023:
18:00 – Venue is opened for competitors
19:50 – Opening ceremony
19:58 – Tasks are revealed
20:00 – Competition starts
02:00 – Half-time scoring
08:00 – Competition ends
10:00 – Closing ceremony and announcing winners

Two hot meals will be provided during the competition. Drinks and snacks will be available at any time.


Novotel Krakow City West, Armii Krajowej 11 Street, Krakow


2023, December 1st, 20:00


2023, December 2nd, 08:00


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MathWorks is the leading developer of mathematical computing software. Engineers and scientists worldwide rely on its products to accelerate the pace of discovery, innovation, and development. MathWorks develops, sells, and supports MATLAB and Simulink products. It offers MATLAB, a platform that enables programming and numeric data analysis; Simulink, a system used for block diagram environment for simulation and model-based design of embedded systems. The company caters to automotive, aerospace, education, railway, energy, and many more industries.

Aptiv is a global technology leader, with more than 200,000 people across 131 manufacturing facilities and 11 major technical centers worldwide. With a presence in 48 countries, they address mobility’s toughest challenges through their deep software and systems integration expertise, delivering market relevant solutions for their customers. Aptiv has had a home in Poland for over 20 years. Today, their operations have more than 5,500 employees, including 2,000 engineers and 1,000 corporate specialists working in Kraków Technical Center.


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